Tentative Conference Schedule – March 2, 2013

9:00-9:30   Registration and Breakfast

Room E174

9:30-10:30   Session 1

Room E174

Surveying the Preservation Metadata Landscape
Bryan Brown, Indiana University-Bloomington

Preserving the Web: One Institution’s Foray into Digital Preservation through Web Archiving
Jeremy Floyd, Texas A&M University-Commerce

10:45-11:45   Session 2  (parallel sessions)

Room E174

“I Think We’d Get Shot!” A Participatory Approach to Community-Based Archives
Prairie Hady, University of Wisconsin-Madison

Viewing Subject(s) as Creator(s): The Need to Re-examine and Re-describe Civil Rights Collections for Pluralist Provenance
Nathan Sowry, University of Wisconsin-Madison

Room LI001

If There’s a Will, There’s a Way: Finding Ways to Integrate Your Love of Archives, Rare Books, and Special Collections into Your Professional Life
Sarah McAfoose, Indiana University-Bloomington

The Map is the Territory: Archives and the Promise of Historypin
Ben Murphy, University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign

11:45-12:00   Break/Meet Designated Tour Leader

12:00-12:45   Tour

1:00-2:00   Lunch

Room LI031

2:00-3:00   Session 3 (parallel sessions)

Room E174

Digitization for the Digital Humanities: Addressing Needs and Anticipating Uses
Sarah Hoover, University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign

Understanding the Limits of Digital Costume Collections
Sara Beth Riddle, University of Alabama

Room LI001

Unnoticed Music Notation in the Lilly Library
Karen Stafford, Indiana University-Bloomington

Combining Techniques for Increased Efficiency in Archival Processing
Jillian Lohndorf, DePaul University

3:00-3:15   Break/Meet Designated Tour Leader

3:15-5:00   Workshop/Tour

8:00-11:00   Social Gathering at Crazy Horse



The Society of American Archivists Indiana University Student Chapter seeks to: *provide a forum to address issues in the archival profession in an informal and relaxed atmosphere. *facilitate a meeting place for students with interests in Archives, Special Collections, Manuscripts, or Personal Papers. *raise awareness about archives and their importance in the university and surrounding community.
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