2013 Conference Presentations

Last weekend’s conference went wonderfully. We were very lucky to have a diverse array of exceptional presentations featured. If you weren’t able to make it or you’d like to take another look at the presentations, click on the links below!

Surveying the Preservation Metadata Landscape
Bryan Brown, Indiana University-Bloomington

Preserving the Web: One Institution’s Foray into Digital Preservation through Web Archiving
Jeremy Floyd, Texas A&M University-Commerce

“I Think We’d Get Shot!” A Participatory Approach to Community-Based Archives
Prairie Hady, University of Wisconsin-Madison

Viewing Subject(s) as Creator(s): The Need to Re-examine and Re-describe Civil Rights Collections for Pluralist Provenance
Nathan Sowry, University of Wisconsin-Madison

If There’s a Will, There’s a Way: Finding Ways to Integrate Your Love of Archives, Rare Books, and Special Collections into Your Professional Life
Sarah McAfoose, Indiana University-Bloomington

The Map is the Territory: Archives and the Promise of Historypin
Ben Murphy, University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign

Digitization for the Digital Humanities: Addressing Needs and Anticipating Uses
Sarah Hoover, University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign

Unnoticed Music Notation in the Lilly Library
Karen Stafford, Indiana University-Bloomington

Combining Techniques for Increased Efficiency in Archival Processing
Jillian Lohndorf, DePaul University



The Society of American Archivists Indiana University Student Chapter seeks to: *provide a forum to address issues in the archival profession in an informal and relaxed atmosphere. *facilitate a meeting place for students with interests in Archives, Special Collections, Manuscripts, or Personal Papers. *raise awareness about archives and their importance in the university and surrounding community.
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