November Volunteering at the Hinkle-Garton Farmstead

November Volunteering at the Hinkle-Garton Farmstead

We had a great group of eight SAA-SC members come out on a Saturday                   morning for our saa_farmstead_20131116_01second time volunteering at the Hinkle-Garton Farmstead. At our previous event in October, we laid the ground work by setting up shelving units and establishing a general order to the boxes in the room which houses the archival materials. Our work done then allowed us to start delving into the boxes right off the bat during our November event.

After discussing how we wanted to proceed, we started with boxes                                 labeled materials saa_farmstead_20131116_03related to Daisy. Because the room with the boxes is on the small side, we toted the boxes downstairs and set up shop in the conference room. We decided to start sorting the materials in the boxes into items to keep, items to consider, and items to throw out/recycle.

Two of our boxes contained an assortment of greeting cards, which                                    were fun to look saa_farmstead_20131116_02through because of how much cards change over time. For now, we’ve decided to organize the cards by event (Christmas, birthdays, etc) because the intended receiver is not always clear. We also found lots of paperwork concerning finances and investments. Our most important find of the morning was probably Daisy’s birth certificate – definitely something valuable to set aside!

We weren’t the only students working at the Farmstead this Saturday. A group of archeology students from IU were hard at work excavating the blacksmith shed in the backyard. According to Danielle, they had already found quite a few interesting items such as nails and files, and other evidence of blacksmith work. It was a bit chilly outside, so we were glad that we could do our historical digging indoors.

Next month who knows what we’ll find? We’ll keep you updated!

Upcoming volunteer dates at the Farmstead:
December 14th, 10:00am-Noon
January TBA, 10:00am-Noon



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