The results are in!

The following are the papers that have been accepted for our 2014 conference:

  1. Hope Grebner’s Yea or Nay?: Calling Congressional Archives and MPLP Up For a Vote
  2. Madeline Grdina and Colleen Barrett’s Tech-knowledge-y in Special Collections: A Study of Technological Requirements in Special Collections ALA Joblist Advertisements from 2006-2013
  3. Karen Stafford’s Treasures Hiding in Plain Sight: Rare Materials in Aging Circulating Collections
  4. Alessandro Meregaglia’s Is the Narrative of a “Public Archives Tradition” and a “Historical Manuscripts Tradition” Accurate?: Examining the History of the American Archival Tradition
  5. Timothy Walsh’s Democratizing Archives: Digital Libraries and the Expansion of the Archival User Base
  6. Diana Bowers’ Affecting the Art Historical Narrative: Discoveries at the Ray Johnson Estate Archive
  7. Allison Haack, Michelle Gordon, Allison Siekman, Hannah Keeney’s New Archivists Seeking Employment: Exploring Entry-Level Jobs in Archives
  8. Erika Jenns’ From Private Journals to an Alligator Head: Working with the Belton Mss. At the Lilly Library
  9. Charlie Roush’s Challenges in Special-Collections Public Services
  10. Siobhain Rivera’s Digitizing Special Collections: Concerns and Considerations for Future Programs

Thank you to everyone who took the time to submit an abstract or paper for our conference! We truly appreciate your efforts and we had fun reading your submissions.

Also, a huge thanks to everyone who volunteered to read and score all of the conference submissions. For everyone who doesn’t know how the papers were scored, the voting process is anonymous – the papers were all made anonymous and volunteers privately submitted their decisions to Jessica. Papers were scored on a 1-3 scale, with 1 being the lowest and 3 being the highest. Individual paper scores were then averaged and the top papers were chosen for our March conference.

Registration forms will be available beginning on January 26th, so keep an eye on this blog as well as our Facebook page for more information!



The Society of American Archivists Indiana University Student Chapter seeks to: *provide a forum to address issues in the archival profession in an informal and relaxed atmosphere. *facilitate a meeting place for students with interests in Archives, Special Collections, Manuscripts, or Personal Papers. *raise awareness about archives and their importance in the university and surrounding community.
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