The results are in!

The following are the papers that have been accepted for our 2014 conference:

  1. Hope Grebner’s Yea or Nay?: Calling Congressional Archives and MPLP Up For a Vote
  2. Madeline Grdina and Colleen Barrett’s Tech-knowledge-y in Special Collections: A Study of Technological Requirements in Special Collections ALA Joblist Advertisements from 2006-2013
  3. Karen Stafford’s Treasures Hiding in Plain Sight: Rare Materials in Aging Circulating Collections
  4. Alessandro Meregaglia’s Is the Narrative of a “Public Archives Tradition” and a “Historical Manuscripts Tradition” Accurate?: Examining the History of the American Archival Tradition
  5. Timothy Walsh’s Democratizing Archives: Digital Libraries and the Expansion of the Archival User Base
  6. Diana Bowers’ Affecting the Art Historical Narrative: Discoveries at the Ray Johnson Estate Archive
  7. Allison Haack, Michelle Gordon, Allison Siekman, Hannah Keeney’s New Archivists Seeking Employment: Exploring Entry-Level Jobs in Archives
  8. Erika Jenns’ From Private Journals to an Alligator Head: Working with the Belton Mss. At the Lilly Library
  9. Charlie Roush’s Challenges in Special-Collections Public Services
  10. Siobhain Rivera’s Digitizing Special Collections: Concerns and Considerations for Future Programs

Thank you to everyone who took the time to submit an abstract or paper for our conference! We truly appreciate your efforts and we had fun reading your submissions.

Also, a huge thanks to everyone who volunteered to read and score all of the conference submissions. For everyone who doesn’t know how the papers were scored, the voting process is anonymous – the papers were all made anonymous and volunteers privately submitted their decisions to Jessica. Papers were scored on a 1-3 scale, with 1 being the lowest and 3 being the highest. Individual paper scores were then averaged and the top papers were chosen for our March conference.

Registration forms will be available beginning on January 26th, so keep an eye on this blog as well as our Facebook page for more information!

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There’s still time!

Looking for conferences to present at? Contemplating whether to submit that paper or not? We are still accepting paper submissions for the SAA IUB student chapter’s spring conference! We are currently accepting full papers, as well as abstracts. The deadline is December 20. For more instructions and information about submissions, please read this post.

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SAA-SC hosts an archives panel

On Thursday, November 21, 2013, the SAA student group hosted an archives panel. Our plan was to invite archivists who work in a variety of archival settings, so that members would get a taste of the unique and diverse jobs that are present in the archival world. We were able to invite five archivists:

  • Carey Beam: Interim Director, Wylie House Museum
  • Lisa Lobdell: Archivist, The Great American Songbook Archive
  • Craig Simpson: Lilly Library Manuscripts Archivist
  • Carrie Schwier: Assistant Archivist, Office of University Archives and Records Management
  • Carol Choksy: Adjunct Professor, Records Manager, and CEO of IRAD Strategic Consulting, Inc.


The turn-out was amazing. Seats quickly filled, and by the time the event started there was standing room only. In addition to the student group supplying bagels, many of our members were gracious enough to bake and bring refreshments.

The panel began with each panelist talking about their work saa_archivesPanel_20131121_07history and their current archival position. Each panelist gave details about their educational history, work experience, challenges in their workplace, advice, among other topics.

Once each panelist had a turn to speak, our moderator, Cara Vukusich, opened the discussion section. Various questions, taken from a pool of questions that members had sent to Cara prior to the event, were presented to the panelists. The panelists then discussed these topics,                        bouncing ideas off of saa_archivesPanel_20131121_04each other and giving input from differing viewpoints. The event closed with questions from the audience.

Of all the events this semester, the archives panel has been one of the most successful that I have seen! A big thank you to the panelists for taking time out of their busy schedules to speak to us. Also, thank you to all of the members who supplied refreshments for the event. And finally, thank you to the officers for organizing such an amazing event.

Make sure to visit our Facebook page for upcoming events, and we wish you a great Thanksgiving Holiday!

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November Volunteering at the Hinkle-Garton Farmstead

November Volunteering at the Hinkle-Garton Farmstead

We had a great group of eight SAA-SC members come out on a Saturday                   morning for our saa_farmstead_20131116_01second time volunteering at the Hinkle-Garton Farmstead. At our previous event in October, we laid the ground work by setting up shelving units and establishing a general order to the boxes in the room which houses the archival materials. Our work done then allowed us to start delving into the boxes right off the bat during our November event.

After discussing how we wanted to proceed, we started with boxes                                 labeled materials saa_farmstead_20131116_03related to Daisy. Because the room with the boxes is on the small side, we toted the boxes downstairs and set up shop in the conference room. We decided to start sorting the materials in the boxes into items to keep, items to consider, and items to throw out/recycle.

Two of our boxes contained an assortment of greeting cards, which                                    were fun to look saa_farmstead_20131116_02through because of how much cards change over time. For now, we’ve decided to organize the cards by event (Christmas, birthdays, etc) because the intended receiver is not always clear. We also found lots of paperwork concerning finances and investments. Our most important find of the morning was probably Daisy’s birth certificate – definitely something valuable to set aside!

We weren’t the only students working at the Farmstead this Saturday. A group of archeology students from IU were hard at work excavating the blacksmith shed in the backyard. According to Danielle, they had already found quite a few interesting items such as nails and files, and other evidence of blacksmith work. It was a bit chilly outside, so we were glad that we could do our historical digging indoors.

Next month who knows what we’ll find? We’ll keep you updated!

Upcoming volunteer dates at the Farmstead:
December 14th, 10:00am-Noon
January TBA, 10:00am-Noon

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Come One, Come All: A Call for Papers

“Oh, the Things You’ll Learn: Discovery in the Archives”

A Conference for Students and Beginning Professionals on Archives, Rare Books, and Special Collections

March 8, 2014 in Bloomington, Indiana

Indiana University’s student chapter of the Society of American Archivists is proud to announce our sixth conference for students and beginning professionals to be held Saturday, March 8th through Sunday, March 9th, 2014 in Bloomington, Indiana.

If you are a graduate student in a library science, archives, or rare books program or have entered the profession within the previous three years, we invite you to submit your papers on topics related to archives, rare books, or special collections for presentation at the conference.  The conference theme “Oh, the Things You’ll Learn: Discovery in the Archives” can be interpreted broadly; we welcome papers on diverse topics within the field. Each presenter will have approximately 20 to 25 minutes to speak, with ample time left for questions and answers.  In addition to presentations, the two-day conference will include workshops and tours of Indiana University special collections and repositories.

To be considered as a presenter, please submit your paper, or an abstract of 150-200 words and a working title, to by Friday, December 20, 2013. Along with your paper or abstract, include your name, email address, institutional affiliation, and any audio/visual needs. The papers will be discussed and voted on in a blind judging process, and you will receive an acceptance or rejection by mid-January. If you have only submitted an abstract, your acceptance will be conditional. You will be required to submit the completed paper by mid-February to have your acceptance finalized.

If your paper is accepted, you will be sent a more detailed registration form. At that time, you will also be asked to submit a registration fee of $30 to cover the meals provided during the conference. Additional details regarding meals, accommodations available in Bloomington, and other logistics will also be provided at that time.  For more information about past conferences, please visit

Feel free to direct any questions you may have to Jessica Lopez, Indiana University SAA-SC Academic Conference Chair, at

We look forward to receiving your submissions!

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SAA-SC visits the University Archives

This past weekend was a busy one for SAA-SC. In addition to volunteering at the Hinkle-Garton Farmstead on Saturday, SAA-SC hosted a tour of the Office of Archives and Records Management at Indiana University Bloomington (say that five times fast!) on Sunday.

Dina Kellams, an associate archivist at the archive and faculty advisor for SAA-SC, was gracious enough to conduct the tour. Meeting in the reading room, Dina began the tour by giving a brief history of the archive and an overview of what the archive collects. She went on to explain the process a collection goes through, from the time that it comes in the door, to the time that it is made available to researchers.


Dina then lead us through the “behind the scenes” of the archive. We visited the processing room where professionals and graduate students (including our very own Allison Haack) process collections, as well as a storage room that is used for more processing!

We had an amazing attendance, especially for a Sunday afternoon                                           (I think I counted at saa_universityArchivesTour_20131020_03least 13 of us!). Also, thank you Dina for sacrificing a beautiful Sunday afternoon to come in and lead us on a fantastic tour!

Make sure to visit our Facebook page for future events.

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Volunteer Opportunity: Hinkle-Garton Farmstead

This year, SAA-SC is very excited to announce that we have a new option for student involvement – we’re volunteering at the Hinkle-Garton Farmstead! The idea came from one of our first year students, Ashley Z. She knew that the Farmstead was looking for student volunteers to help them process their archival collection, so she passed along the idea to the SAA-SC officers. We contacted volunteer coordinator, Danielle Bachant-Bell, who was thrilled to hear from us.

Once a month, interested members of SAA-SC have the opportunity to volunteer two hours of their time to helping process the papers, records, and artifacts that belonged to Daisy Hinkle Garton. Daisy was a long time resident of Bloomington, who wanted the farmstead to be used as a historical museum.

October 19th marked SAA-SC’s first day of                                                                volunteering. When we arrived, Danielle saa_farmstead_20131019_01gave us a brief history of the Hinkle families who lived at the farmstead and explained the collection. Before she showed us the archival collection, she warned us not to go screaming from the room! The small room was full of boxes and some loose materials.  A bit of work has been done previously, but with the boxes in no kind of order, getting started was a problem. Where do you begin when you’re not sure what you have?

Our first task was to assemble two shelving                                                                              units and do a bit of vacuuming in the saa_farmstead_20131019_03previously inaccessible corners. Once that was done, we were able to separate the boxes by their generic labels and place which ones we could on the shelves. Once that was done, we further grouped the rest of the boxes, so that next month we’ll know right where to start. Now that we’ve established a basic arrangement to the boxes, we can really start delving into the boxes themselves and start finding out what’s inside.

Of course, being curious archival students,                                                                                   we certainly couldn’t resist taking a peaksaa_farmstead_20131019_02
inside many of the boxes. Many were filled with old papers and financial records, and a few yielded some real treasures. One wonderful find was an old cornet in its case while another was a box of several old books, such as Alice in Wonderland and Gulliver’s Travels. We’re certain there are lots more interesting materials in the boxes – it’s just a matter of going through the boxes in order to find them!

If this kind of activity appeals to you, and if you’re interested in helping out a great organization, join us next month!

Upcoming volunteer dates:
Saturday, November 16th, 10:00am-Noon
Saturday, December 14th, 10:00am-Noon
January, TBA, 10:00am-Noon

Interested in learning more about the Hinkle-Garton Farmstead? Check out their facebook page! Additionally, if you’re interested in volunteering at the Farmstead outside of SAA-SC activities, contact Danielle at

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